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Formal Hire

Dressing for a formal event can be a daunting experience, but at Lipmans we keep an extensive stock of exceptional clothing for special occasions. Whether you know just what you’re looking for or need our expert help and advice, come and peruse our hire collection and we will find the perfect attire for you. We have a large choice of styles in a wide range of sizes and for the finishing touch, we will also supply all the accessories you might need, including collar studs and cufflinks.

Morning Wear

Tailcoats or frock coats, striped or grey trousers, white, cream or grey waistcoats, white tie or cravat on a wing or plain collared shirt, and grey top hats.

Dinner Wear

White, black or velvet dinner jackets and tuxedos, dress trousers, plain or patterned waistcoats in a variety of colours, marcella dress shirts with wing, nehru or plain collars, black or coloured bow ties and cummerbunds.

Evening Dress

Tailcoats, white waistcoats and white tie with, perhaps, a black topper for that finishing touch.

For Sale

We now have a large supply of new and ex-hire suits for sale. So, if you find yourself attending formal events more regularly, why not have a look at what we have available to buy below or contact us to discuss exactly what you are looking for.

Lipman & Sons – Elegant formal wear, to hire or buy.


Morning Suit